Sweet Baby Lincoln

Tom and Stephanie are two of the nicest most deserving people I know. "For this child I have prayed" A verse that's been repeated multiple times. Sweet little Lincoln is their rainbow baby, a baby conceived after a loss. He is an answer to so many prayers, not just from tom and Stephanie, but from their family and friends praying for them as well. The loss of a pregnancy at any stage can put you in a fog, battling with the never answered question of why, What did I do to deserve this? and then the fear of, is this going to happen again?

It's so easy to second guess God, to fear, to not trust in his word and promises. When something bad happens to us sometimes we can feel like we are being punished for some past transgression. But the truth is, things like this are not a punishment from God, he loves us so much, and though we will never understand why they happen while we are here on earth, one day all will be revealed when we are reunited with the ones we've lost in heaven.

Stephanie had hard pregnancy struggling with PUPPPs, a super itchy rash some Pregnant women get, and a lot of swelling. Her labor, that ultimately ended with a c-section, was VERY long and hard. Seeing Lincoln for the first time after all the pain, struggle, and heart ache was such a reward.

Lincoln, you are so loved, so adored, and so wanted. Tom and Stephanie, I am so so happy for you both. Hold him as long as you want, snuggle him often, and don't rush him to grow too quickly. Always remember these early moments with him, even when he is up at 3am ready to party and all you want is sleep.


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